Custom Metal Finishing Indiana LLC

Your complete chrome restoration specialists!
Whether you have one small bolt or every piece of brightwork for a 59 Caddy, we are more than willing to offer our expert chrome plating and polishing services.

Our services include the plating and/or polishing of:
•Copper Plating
•Nickel Plating
•Chrome Plating
•Bright and Yellow Zinc Plating
•Aluminum Polishing, Re-Anodizing, and Plating
•Steel and Cast Iron Restoration, Repair, and Plating
•Die-Cast Pot Metal Restoration, Repair and Plating
•Steel Restoration, Repair, and Plating
•Stainless Steel Dent Repair, and Polishing

We also keep certain replated parts in stock ready for exchange:
  • 58-73 Corvette bumpers and an always changing assortment of hood ornaments. 
         These are listed on Ebay under seller ID: 1chrome.